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7th February, 2024.

Save the Children Fiji Issues Urgent Plea to Stop Violence Against Children After
Disturbing Video Goes Viral

Save the Children Fiji is appalled by a video circulating on social media depicting a parent
resorting to physical abuse as a means of disciplining a child. Such actions not only violate the
fundamental rights of the child but also perpetuate a cycle of violence with lasting detrimental

As an organization dedicated to the protection and well-being of children, SC Fiji condemns all
forms of violence against children, including corporal punishment. We firmly believe that every
child has the right to grow up in a safe and nurturing environment, free from fear and harm.

This video serves as a stark reminder of the urgent need for collective action to end violence
against children. It highlights the critical role that parents, caregivers, and bystanders play in
preventing and addressing such incidents. We call on every parent, guardian and caregiver to
seek support and guidance on positive discipline methods that promote healthy child
development and respect for children’s rights.

SCF Chief Executive Officer, Shairana Ali, stated that there should be zero tolerance for abuse
of any kind against vulnerable children in Fiji and every member of the community must learn
to speak up, stand up for child rights and protect children.

“We can no longer stand by and witness abuse against children in our communities and we
must band together to prevent such incidents from happening in the first place. The culture of
violence must be broken, and it is up to all members of the community to collectively fight this
injustice against children” she stated.

In light of this incident, Save the Children Fiji calls on the police to take swift and decisive action
against perpetrators of violence against children. We urge law enforcement agencies to
prioritize the investigation of such cases and ensure that perpetrators are held accountable for
their actions

SC Fiji urges bystanders who witness instances of child abuse to intervene safely and report
such incidents to relevant authorities. Silence in the face of violence only perpetuates the cycle
and puts children at further risk. SC Fiji stands in solidarity with the laws which prohibit all
forms of child abuse and ensures the protection of children from harm.

SC Fiji remains steadfast in its mission to ensure the safety, well-being, and dignity of every
child and will continue to advocate for policies and programs that protect children from all
forms of abuse and exploitation such as the Collective Action to End Violence Against Children
(CAEVAC) Program that currently run awareness programs in 24 communities advocating and
raising awareness about the importance of child protection.

Call the Child Helpline toll-free number 1325 available 24/7 or reach out to Save the Children
Fiji on 3313178 to report any concerns with children.

For media enquiries please contact Coletta.King@savethechildren.org or

For more information, please send us an email on Info.Fiji@savethechildren.org or contact us at
+(679) 3313178