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Frequently asked questions:

Who is Save the Children Fiji?

Save the Children Fiji was established in 1972 and has been working directly with communities and all levels of the development sector to create immediate and lasting change to the lives of children in Fiji. We are a member of Save the Children International which works in more than 120 countries. We are dedicated to creating sustainable change in Fiji and our work goes from the ground to policy level.

Do we have any political or religious affiliations?

We have no membership to any political or religious organization and are recognized both within Fiji and internationally as an independent organization.

Where do we work?

We work in 52 informal communities and villages across the country but this work doesn’t stop at the community level as many of our programs also work outside these areas and drive policy and governmental change with key decision makers and players in the child protection sphere in Fiji.

How do we ensure our programs are effective?

Our work is regularly evaluated both by the project and management teams within Save the Children Fiji and through our donor support networks. To ensure we are making the most impact in each of our programs we undertake detailed monitoring and evaluation, conduct regular monitoring visits, program evaluations and capacity building with staff and communities.

Does save the children work with other organizations?

Our key goal is to strengthen our already existing partnerships with effective non-government organizations along with the civil society sector and government. We are already working with many partners across all of these areas including working with faith based organizations to generate effective outcomes

Cluster work with UNICEF in times of disaster education in emergencies.

What policies are in place for staff conduct?

  • Child protection
  • Staff Code of Conduct
  • Social Media Policy

How are programs funded?

Our programs are funded by supporters, governments, international donors and the business sector both within Australia and internationally. Due to the nature of our work we are always ensuring the best work comes out of the money we raise and are dedicated to ensuring this has the best impact upon children.

Where do funds go?

Directly into programs across the country, events with children given the chance to raise their voice and actively participate in and minimal cost goes into the administration costs of helping capacity build communities.

How do we ensure the money spent is effective?

We are regularly evaluating our expenditure and have rigorous financial checks and balances in place to ensure money is being spent effectively on long-term outcomes. This process involves seeking approval for expenditure through an expert team of Board Members along with the operations department within the organization and the Chief Operating Officer.

How did Save the Children begin its work?

Save the Children has been operating for more than 90 years after being created in 1919 by Eglantyne Jebb who was a teacher and sociologist that recognized many children missing out on food during World War I.

The organizations first goal was to provide food for starving children in Austria immediately after World War I and the work that Eglantyne Jebb focused on became the fundamental elements of the Convention on the Rights of the Children enacted in 1959 by the United Nations.

Can I become a volunteer with Save the Children Fiji?

Yes! We are always looking for support and volunteers to help us undertake the wonderful work our team does.

Our volunteers are from diverse backgrounds and if you’re interested in supporting the organization in some capacity we are happy to help manage that. If you are interested in becoming involved please email info@savethechildren.org.fj.

I have tried to donate online but an error message keeps occurring?

If you are having problems donating online please contact us directly so we can support you. You can donate directly to our bank account or by contacting us directly so we can put you in touch with our financial department. Contact Us

How do I unsubscribe to Save the Children newsletters?

Please email us at info@savethechildren.org.fj and we can assist you with unsubscribing from our newsletter.