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Our Vision

Our vision is to live in a world in which every child attains the right to survival, protection, development and participation.

Our Mission

Our mission is to do this through stimulating breakthroughs in the way the world values children while achieving immediate and lasting change in children’s lives.

Our Goal

Our goal is to achieve these by strengthening key partnerships so all children, especially those from marginalized and disadvantaged communities, benefit from greater public commitment and better use of society’s resources.



Who We Are

We have been creating sustainable and lasting change in the lives of children in Fiji for more than 40 years.

As a Child Rights Organisation, we work to ensure children can realise their rights, particularly those children who are in the most vulnerable and marginalised environments.

We work from ground level to policy level and we work directly with children through our child-led initiative Kids Link Fiji and through our Disaster Risk Reduction Child Clubs. We are currently working in 80 communities across 10 Districts in Fiji.

Created in Fiji in 1972, we are a non-political organisation that continues to be dedicated to driving positive change for children in Fiji.

Our Work

Globally, Save the Children protects the lives of children in more than 120 countries and each year we support millions of the hardest to reach and most vulnerable children and young people around the world.

Locally, we work to create long lasting, sustainable change in the lives of children in Fiji by driving change from the community level to government and policy.  We work directly in informal settlements and Villages across the Northern, Western and Central Divisions of the country and we focus on national advocacy work to ensure the rights of children are broadly promoted.

We take a holistic approach to our advocacy and programmatic work by working directly on key areas of:

Save the Children Fiji believes every child has the right to access quality education and health services whilst being able to live a healthy, happy and active life. We support this by helping promote the rights of children both by working with children directly and also by driving change at higher government and policy levels.  This is also supported by our work around disaster preparedness that helps reduce the overwhelming risks to children during times of disaster by educating and empowering communities to act before disasters occur.

Child Protection underpins all of our work and, as such, we are dedicated to promoting and building the understanding and capacity as to how to effectively apply this to everyday life.  We are also bound by our Child Protection Policy  and ensure our partners, and anyone involved in our work, understand and implement these standards.