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The Collective Action to End Violence Against Children (CAEVAC) Project recently conducted a project unpacking and mapping exercise from the 7th to the 9th of February, to shed light on the project’s journey thus far. Over the past year, dedication to strengthening the implementation of activities for 2024 has been evident, with insights gained from the project mid-term evaluation proving invaluable.

Save the Children Fiji CAEVAC Project team convene for a group photo with Chief Executive Officer Shairana Ali and Programs Manager Afsrin Ali

Prioritizing building strong relationships with stakeholders and establishing key partnerships and working groups has been central to their efforts. The project team have worked tirelessly to foster stronger ties with communities, recognizing the importance of unity in achieving goals amidst internal fragmentation.

The recent exercise delved into various key areas, including project reflections, the development of the 2024 work plan, MEAL strategies, logistics, finance, communication mapping, and formalizing engagements with partners and community focal points.

Looking ahead, commitment to addressing emerging challenges, enhancing community reach and mobilization, and ensuring project sustainability post-completion remains steadfast. With a renewed focus on Parenting without Violence Programming and Child Participation activities, the team is eager to continue making a positive impact in the communities they serve.

The CAEVAC Project is generously funded by the New Zealand Ministry for Foreign Affairs and Trade, Supported by Save the Children New Zealand and Implemented by Save the Children Fiji.