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As the world continues to strive toward gender equality and to prevent the worst impacts of COVID-19 on girls’ rights, Save the Children recommends that governments:

  1. Raise girls’ voices by supporting their right to safe and meaningful participation in all public decision-making
    throughout the COVID-19 response and through delivery of the Generation Equality Global Acceleration Plan for
    Gender Equality. Girls have a critical role to play in the design and implementation of policy and accountability
    processes essential to preventing and building resilience against ongoing and future crises.
  2. Address immediate and ongoing risks of genderbased violence, including child marriage, by putting
    girls’ rights and gender equality at the centre of COVID-19 and humanitarian responses, development policy, and wider efforts to build forward better.
  3. Fulfil their duty to guarantee the rights of girls in all their diversity by conducting and applying intersectional
    gender and power analyses to inform evidence-based and inclusive policy and programme responses. Safe and ethical
  4. data collection must be improved to better understand and respond in real-time to the impacts of COVID-19 and compounding economic, climate, and conflict-related crises.
  1. Ensure the continued commitment and implementation of a principled humanitarian response in all humanitarian settings, including the safe and unrestricted participation of female humanitarian staff in needs assessments, design, implementation, monitoring, and evaluation of all humanitarian services at every level.
    Without the full participation of female staff, humanitarian assistance will not be delivered in a manner that upholds
    core humanitarian principles and standards and will be ineffective in addressing girls’ needs.
  2. Join the Generation Equality movement by making fully-resourced commitments to support delivery of
    the Global Acceleration Plan for Gender Equality and ensure accountability for delivery to girls through age disaggregated targets. Report : http://www.savethechildren.org.fj/wp-content/uploads/2021/10/sc_globalgirlhoodreport2021_EMABRGOED_11OCT.pdf