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State of the Worlds Mothers 2014

In commemoration of Mother’s Day, Save the Children is publishing its 15th annual State of the World’s Mothers report. The focus is on millions of women and children living in fragile communities beset by conflict and natural disasters, and their everyday struggle to survive. More than 60 million women and children are in need of […]

Children as Active Citizens

Civil rights of children are probably the least understood rights and most challenging to realize. The Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC) is the first international human rights instrument to explicitly recognize civil rights of children. The CRC specifically provides for civil rights and freedoms. In conjunction with the general principles of non-discrimination; […]

Ending Newborn Deaths

“OVERWHELMED WITH GRIEF” Shefali, who lives in a village in Bangladesh, has given birth to six children, but three died within a week of being born. She gave birth at home each time, without medical assistance.  Shefali lives in an isolated community in Sylhet that is surrounded by water or swamps for most of the […]

Global campaign Report 2014

SUCCESS AND CHALLENGES IN ENDING PREVENTABLE CHILD DEATHS In the last generation there have been remarkable improvements in children’s chances of survival – thanks to concerted efforts by local communities, national governments, donors and international agencies. The number of children dying every year has almost halved since 1990 – down from 12 million to 6.6 […]